Byelorussian Information & Business Center in Estonia was created on February 25, 1997 with the purposes of fortification economic cooperation, creation of industrial basis between Baltic countries, Scandinavia and Byelorussian.

The main task, which to be put before created in Estonia Byelorussian Information & Business Center is the advancement of the Byelorussian manufacturers' production on the international markets, the development economical and other kinds of cooperation between the enterprises, organizations, establishments of Byelorussian, Baltic and Scandinavia countries.

Byelorussian Information & Business Center activity including the following:

  • Assistance in creation the conditions for long - term business development in Estonia.
  • Assistance in creation adjustment of business contacts between the enterprises, organizations and establishment of Byelorussian, Baltic and Scandinavia countries.
  • Consulting supports in definition the opportunities of business development in different regions of both states.
  • Granting of consulting and other services on trade, marketing, conduction of presentations, advancement of firms, their products, works and services in the markets of both countries.
  • Assistance in conduction information and marketing researches, organization of business trips, establishment of contact with firms, enterprises, establishments and organizations.
  • Assistance in revealing insolvent firms of Estonia.
The prospect of Byelorussian development economical connections Byelorussian with other states is represented in close cooperation with Byelorussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Commercial Offers