Byelorussian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) is unstate public organization uniting the Byelorussian enterprises, organizations, establishments, also enterprises with the mixed and foreign capital, the private businessmen, registered and working in Belorussia and abroad. BCCI promotes the development of economical, industrial, scientific-technical and trading connections between Byelorussia, Baltic and Scandinavia countries.

The representation of BCCI was created in Estonia in 1998 for the performance of the basic task BCCI - to promote the development of national economy, integration the economy to the global economic system, formation of a market infrastructure, creation of favorable conditions for enterprise activity, to expand commerce and industry connections between Byelorussia, Baltic and Scandinavia countries.

Representative renders practical assistance on:

  • Development the connections of the enterprises, associations and firms of Byelorussian with Estonian business and public representatives.
  • Study and measures analysis, directed to the development of cooperation between both countries.
  • Distribution of Byelorussian reference normative and information materials on economy and external economic regulation in Estonia about activity Byelorussia and its members.
The representative:
  • Carries out the work on an establishment direct industrial and technical connections, search partners for cooperation, including for creation of joint ventures, international association and organizations.
  • Promotes organization of meetings, negotiations, seminars and other measures with participation of interested enterprises, associations, organizations, companies, businessmen and their associations of Byelorussia and Estonia.
  • Participates in organization of business trips for commerce and scientific-technical delegations to Estonia and Byelorussia.